Parking Lot Repair Kent WA

At Kent Paving Pros, we provide high quality parking lot repairs and sealcoating services in Kent, WA. We are dedicated to providing the best parking lot repairs and sealcoating services. Our paving contractors work with commercial and residential clients to deliver premium results when you need them. When you need a reliable, friendly, and skilled team of parking lot contractors you can rely on us. We are also licensed, bonded, and insured. Give us a call for a free parking lot repair and sealcoating estimate. Learn more about our repairs and maintenance services below.  

Parking Lot Repair Services  

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When you want to hire an expert paving company to manage your parking lot repairs, you can turn to Kent Paving Pros. We are high skilled at both commercial and residential parking lot services. No matter if you want a few simple parking lot repairs or if you are in need of extensive parking lot repairs, you can rely on Kent Paving Pros. No matter how large or small your parking lot project is, we can help. Please reach out to our team for a free parking lot repair estimate.  

Drainage Solutions 

While the quality of your surface asphalt might be in good condition, if your parking lot isn’t draining properly it can lead to more serious issues in your asphalt itself. We provide drainage solutions that enable your asphalt to look its best and maintain the quality of your parking lot.  

Skin Patching  

If your parking lot has mild depressions, we can help. Skin patching is an easier way even out depressions in your asphalt. By evening out your asphalt, you can achieve a smoother appearance and a better looking parking lot.  

Speed Hump Repair  

A steady flow of traffic on your parking lot can lead to damage on your speed humps. This can also lead to damage to your vehicle or the vehicles coming to your property. We are quick and efficient at what we do and we’re dedicated to making sure your speed humps are in working condition.  

For all your parking lot asphalt repair needs in Kent, WA, you can turn to Kent Paving Pros. We believe that our asphalt paving services are the best available in the area. For premium, high quality, asphalt repairs for your parking lot, give us a call. We offer free parking lot repair estimates for any sized project.  

Parking Lot Sealcoating in Kent, WA  

When you think of a good looking parking lot, you likely think of a brand new one with the scent of fresh asphalt. But what if you could simply have a fresh coat of sealcoating put over top your asphalt and achieve the same good looking result. That’s what we do at Kent Paving Pros. Here’s how sealcoating can help your parking lot.  

Protection from Weather  

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UV rays, snow, and flooding can lead to more serious damage to your parking lot asphalt. Parking lot sealcoating prevents weather related damage for years. It is one of the only ways to do this.  

Get your free sealcoating parking lot paving estimate when you reach out to Kent Paving Pros today.